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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey’s Anatomy

Question: Are we going to find out if Owen’s sister is alive on Grey’s Anatomy before the end of the season?
Ausiello: “I can’t confirm or deny that,” hedged Martin Henderson (Nathan) when we asked him exactly that question, before teasing, “But let’s just say more information comes out in the [May 12] episode that sheds some light on that.”

Question: Do you have any intel about what’s next for Owen and Amelia on Grey’s Anatomy?
Ausiello: Viewers tired of the couple’s break-ups weren’t the only ones happy about the commitment that they made to one another last week. Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Hunt, was pretty pleased, too. “I think [this moment] has been in the cards for a long time,” he says. “Even though it’s been very on-again/off-again with them, they obviously have this connection. Everything pointed to them being together.” And now that they are, “they’re in kind of a honeymoon period,” finally, he adds, “enjoying each other.”

Question: How many categories/slots on your May Sweeps Scorecard does Grey‘s Anatomy take up?
Ausiello: About a half-dozen or so. And at least one of them involves Meredith.

Question: Any word on Sara Ramirez’s contract negotiations on Grey’s?
Ausiello: The ball is in Ramirez’s court. If she does opt not to sign on for Season 13, I think there’s a decent chance she’ll return in the fall for an episode or two to bring closure to Callie’s storyline.

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Grey’s Anatomy stars are seeking raises again

How’s this for timing: Just as Grey’s Anatomy prepares to wrap its 12th season as ABC’s No. 1 drama, contracts for several of the show’s stars, including Ellen Pompeo, are set to expire in June.

The Shondaland crown jewel is not only besting its younger siblings Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder in the ratings, it’s also the second-most-popular drama on broadcast TV among women 18–34 (behind Fox hit Empire). That has to be great news for agents representing Pompeo (Meredith), Chandra Wilson (Bailey), Sara Ramirez (Callie), Kevin McKidd (Owen), Justin Chambers (Alex) and James Pickens, Jr. (Richard), all of whom will likely use the show’s stellar performance to push for higher salaries.

When asked about the contract negotiations, a spokesperson for ABC declined to comment. But Ramirez let it be known that her future may be in play when she recently tweeted this cryptic message: “That’s a wrap for Doctor #CallieTorrries #Season13 #GreyAnatomy,” she wrote last week. “Thank you all for an enriching & unforgettable #rollercoaster ride!” That could be bargaining tactic, or Ramirez’s idea of (teasing) fun. Two years ago, she tweeted a similar message that read, “Dear @shondarhimes & all who make #GreysAnatomy @GreysABC, it’s been a a roller coaster ride & an honor! Thank [you] all! #SeasonX #SeasonZen.”

In 2014, Pompeo and her fellow cast members, like Ramirez, Chambers, Wilson and Pickens, negotiated new deals that would keep them on the show through this month. At that time, Patrick Dempsey signed one too. But Dempsey never made it to season 12: in April of last year, executive producer Shonda Rhimes killed off his character, Derek Shepherd (aka McDreamy), leaving MerDer fans to immediately predicted an abrupt end for the show. But Grey’s went on to enjoy a creative and ratings renaissance in its 12th season: If you combine the drama’s ratings with how well it does on platforms like video on demand and online viewing, Grey’s is actually up 6 percent this season versus last among adults 18–49 and has seen an increase of 11 percent among women 18–34.

“There was some anxiety,” ABC Studios head Patrick Moran tells EW. “I give Shonda Rhimes and her creative team enormous credit for deftly figuring out tonally how to move Meredith forward.”

What’s more, Grey’s Anatomy continues to lure new viewers: ABC reports viewership of the pilot has more than doubled over the past five years as younger viewers catch up with the drama. In addition, 57 percent of Grey’s online viewers are adults 18-34, while 38 percent of viewers who streamed the show over summer 2015 went on to watch the series on ABC last fall.

And everyone seems to be talking about Grey’s these days: ABC also reports that the drama is having its most social season to date. That’s probably why Pompeo joked on the April 25 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that while she and her castmates miss Dempsey, “it’s amazing how much you get done without a penis.” McSaucy!

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Grey’s Anatomy’s Kevin McKidd: Arizona’s Bad Day in Court, Trouble for Callie and Penny, and a Finale ‘Payoff’

n one sense, Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy (8/7c, ABC) will feel less like a regular episode of the series that we all know and love, and more like a standalone movie, says Kevin McKidd, who not only plays Owen but directed the hour. “Since most of it takes place in the courthouse, it’s kind of like a really wonderful courtroom drama, like Kramer vs. Kramer.”

In another sense, “Mama Tried” will probably feel a whole lot like classic Grey’s, since the stakes are as high as they’ve ever been in the OR. As McKidd notes, in fighting for custody of daughter Sofia, “Callie and Arizona are fighting for their lives, in a sense.” Here, he previews for TVLine “the very emotional and heart-wrenching” installment that will decide the fates of Sofia and her mothers… and possibly Penny, too.

TVLINE | What was the mood on the set like while working on this episode?
Intense. It was intense to shoot, and I think it’s going to be really intense to watch. I think people are going to really respond to it. It’s very emotional, very powerful. I mean, to fight over the custody of a child, for a parent, is probably one of the most [difficult] things they could have to do. Plus, the audience loves Callie. The audience loves Arizona. We want them both to be okay.

TVLINE | And obviously, they can’t both come out of this okay. Even their friends can’t, right?
Yeah, that’s the hard thing for all [the rest] of our characters. We’re all asked to give testimony for the person we believe should have custody. It’s really tough when you have to pick a side like that, and that’s part of the reason why it’s such an intense episode. Everybody gets cross-examined, and some people do better under that pressure than others. It really puts Callie and Penny’s relationship to the test when Penny testifies, and affects their relationship going forward in a big way. The testimony that Penny gives… she does her best for Callie, but it doesn’t go as planned, and that causes problems.

TVLINE | Is there ever a moment when Callie and Arizona are like, “What are we doing? Let’s work this out”?
They do try to connect at a certain point, but the lawyers get in there and do their lawyering thing and cause damage, so [the ex-wives’] interaction is very charged. There are a lot of hurt feelings. They try to stay civil, but it’s hard when things get thrown at you by a lawyer. Arizona especially, I think, really feels hard done in the courtroom.

TVLINE | Is there any sign, any hint at all, of the love that they used to feel for each other?
There is. They both in a way come to a point where they can acknowledge the relationship that existed. In spite of the hurt feelings, they try to reach a higher ground and respect the [past]. But it’s hard when there are hurt feelings in the heat of the moment to really follow through on that.

TVLINE | And when the heat of the moment has cooled?
After this episode, the aftermath plays out in a really interesting way in the lead-up to the finale. It gets pretty hairy in this episode. There is animosity. It’s not all fluffy and pretty and nice. There are really intense, complicated emotions flying around. But there’s a really beautiful payoff in the finale connected to this.
So, who are you hoping will wind up with custody of Sofia? And do you think Callie and Penny’s relationship can bounce back? Hit the comments!

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TV Line: Did Sara Ramirez Just Announce Her Departure?

Is Grey’s Anatomy is about to weather another major cast shakeup?
On Wednesday afternoon, Sara Ramirez — who has played Callie Torres for more than a decade — posted a message on Twitter that has fans wondering if she’ll be returning for the ABC drama’s recently-ordered 13th season.

It’s entirely possible Ramirez was simply celebrating her final day of work on Season 12 (Grey’s is currently in production on its May 19 season finale). It’s also possible the actress — whose contract is set to expire in June — was looking to increase her negotiations leverage. And then there’s the possibility that she has, in fact, decided to call it quits.

In a possibly telling sign, Ramirez’s personal reps have not responded to TVLine’s multiple requests for comment. An ABC rep, meanwhile, did get back to us, but declined to comment on the matter.

If Ramirez does opt to hang up her scrubs, this would mark the third major Grey’s exit in as many seasons, following the departures of Sandra Oh (in Season 10) and Patrick Dempsey (in Season 11).

Ramirez, who joined Grey’s in its second season, is one of several longtime cast members whose contracts are set to expire at season’s end. Her longtime scene partner Jessica Capshaw, however, is not one of them. As TVLine exclusively reported, Capshaw inked a new three-year deal with the show last May.
On-screen, Ramirez’s Callie is gearing up for a heated custody battle with Capshaw’s Arizona, one triggered by Callie’s desire to follow current squeeze Penny to New York with her and ‘Zona’s daughter.

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JustJared: Is Sara Ramirez Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? See Her Cryptic Tweet

JustJared just posted this on there site.


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Grey’s Anatomy’s Jason George: Dire 2-Hour Episode Pits Ben vs. Bailey

“Hands down, these are the biggest Ben episodes I’ve had to deal with,” declares Jason George of this week’s two-hour Grey’s Anatomy (8/7c, ABC) which finds his alter ego forced to perform a risky medical procedure during a hospital-wide emergency. Adding to the tension: Ben’s boss is also his significant other.
Below, George previews Thursday’s harrowing Ben-centric double-header and reveals the ominous heads-up he received from producers just prior to shooting.

TVLINE | Why are these such pivotal Ben episodes?
The hospital goes into lockdown because there’s a kid missing, so there’s a Code Pink. They literally lock every door so this [missing] kid can’t get out. The unintended consequence of that is that Ben is transporting an incredibly pregnant woman who is having complications. And he gets trapped in a place where it’s just him and Andrew [Giacomo Gianniotti] and her. No other doctors can’t get to him and he can’t get to any other doctors. So, as the complications get worse, Ben has to make decisions. And everyone has their own point of view on the decisions Ben made. Lives hang in the balance and it’s all on Ben.

TVLINE | How does Bailey figure into this?
Ben is a surgical resident — he’s not even a full doctor. The question arises, “Did he make the right call?” If he was a full doctor their might be less scrutiny. But the reality is that he’s still learning to be a surgeon, so everybody has an opinion about what Ben did. But, ultimately, it’s Bailey’s call as to whether or not she believes this surgical resident — who happens to be her husband — did the right thing or not. And needless to say it puts a little stress on the relationship.

TVLINE | How did you find out that these episodes were coming?
I was a fan of [Grey’s Anatomy] long before I was ever on it so, normally, the table read is where I get to enjoy the show just as a fan. But with this one, they gave me a heads-up about a week in advance — partially because I was [headed to the] Atlanta TV Festival and was about to do a 24-hour turnaround [from Los Angeles to Atlanta and back]. And [EP Rob Korn] was like, “Are you sure you want to do that? Because you’re going to be working some long hours for several days in a row coming up.” So that’s pretty much how I found out that these were coming down the pike. And then I started to get excited… It was fun to see [Ben] truly in the hot seat.

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Fresh on the Screen: Sara Ramirez (Video)

Sara Ramirez is a Mexican-born actress, singer, performer, and activist, most widely known for her role as Dr. Callie Torres on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, and as The Lady of the Lake in the musical Spamalot. Having struggled at the start of her career to land roles as a Latina actress, Sara is proud to portray a bisexual doctor of color on television, and has become an outspoken activist for immigration and LGBT issues.

She sat down with Jeff Yang for this “Fresh on the Screen” interview, presented by NPR’s Code Switch and produced by the Vilcek Foundation, and spoke about growing up as an immigrant in southern California, her difficulty finding diverse roles, and working with Shonda Rhimes.

This week, Code Switch takes a look at the past and present of immigrants on TV with video profiles of a quartet of groundbreaking artists who are changing the game for how immigrants are depicted on the small screen. Read the intro essay for this package, “Fresh On The Screen: How TV Is Redefining Whom We Think Of As ‘American.'”

Source: via Aaron Pope, The Vlcek Foundation, who e-mailed this to us.

Grey’s Anatomy: Callie in Season 12 (Spoiler)

Callie and Arizona will both have new love interests. Rhimes says both characters, played by Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw, respectively, will “definitely” have some new romances this season. “And some pretty exciting ones, too, which I think is going to be interesting,” says Rhimes, who noted she’s “intrigued” by what’s happening with both characters individually and admits she still “loves them together.” While Arizona — and fans — have expressed trepidation on if the bisexual Callie will go back to men following their split, Rhimes told THR that the “person Callie falls for and is in a relationship with is a woman.” “That felt natural and it’s what the story is about and how it plays out. I really tried to stay true to the idea that she’s bisexual but it’s literally what the story is.”

Callie’s bisexuality will be further explored. While Callie’s new love female interest is “very surprising,” Rhimes said Callie’s bisexuality will be addressed but it won’t feel like the show is “telling an issue” story. “I like that we bring it up and I like that she has arguments about it. I like that Arizona always had a little bit of an issue with it, like, ‘When are you going to go back to guys.’ We’re going to really try to deal with it and make it a thing. We’ll be working it in but not as like an ‘issue,’ the way we never do issues and we’ll work it in and have it be part of her character.” To that point, Rhimes and Ramirez have spoken at length about the importance of Callie’s bisexuality and using it as an opportunity to shed light on part of the LGBT community that tends to be underrepresented on the small screen. “Sara feels a lot of people don’t take that seriously in the community,” Rhimes says.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

AfterEllen: Shonda Rhimes spills on Callie and Arizona’s new love lives

Shonda, who is an ally and the winner of awards from both GLAAD and the HRC, also shared that social media has allowed her to participate in discussions with fans about the LGBT storylines on all three of her shows.

“There’s a huge, huge, sort of, beautiful Calzona fan base online that I have a very special place in my heart for that spends a lot of time having conversation,” Shonda said. “So, to me, there’s a really I think there’s a really beautiful community online that’s very supportive and very excited and very invested in the storylines that I’ve spent time with, you know, in terms of who is talking to me online. So and they seem very excited about Zyra’s story lines. And I’ve heard stuff about the How To Get Away with Murder storyline. So, to me, it seems very supportive. It’s very rare that I see something that’s not supportive.”

We spoke with Shonda after the panel about Callie and Arizona’s upcoming storylines and seeing more of Portia de Rossi as Lizzie Bear on Scandal.

Shonda Rhimes: There’s always hope. I really feel like the way we guide the story is we watch and see what happens. I mean, I do: I watch, I see what happens, see how chemistry swings and that’s what guides us. I don’t go, “Here’s what’s happening, no matter what,” because I change my mind all the time. Last season, I was like, “I don’t know—maybe, maybe not.” My problem is that I’m a giant Calzona fan so I’m always rooting for them. So I’m watching how the ship goes, basically.

AE: You mentioned on the panel earlier that there will be a lot of single women dating on the show this season. Does that include the both of them and will they be dating women?

SR: Yes they are. Yes they will. Callie and Arizona will both be dating, which is exciting, I think. They’ll be dating women. We talked about that a lot in the writers’ room. We talked a lot in the writers’ room: “Is Callie going to be dating men? Is Callie going to be dating women?” Because the character is bisexual, we talked about it a lot. Just the way the story fell out, she’s going to be dating a woman because that’s what feels right. We’re telling lighter stories this season. There’s gonna be some really fun stuff going on.


#GreysCon update

Sara was scheduled to take part in the Grey’s Anatomy Convention in France later this month, but due to professional reasons she can’t attend the event afterall.

Then, it is with regret that we announce that Sara Ramirez can’t come anymore for the event dates for 2015. Unfortunately for professional reasons the actress can not get to the event. The actress very invests on charitable causes decided to donate $ 10,000 USD to PATRICK DEMPSEY FOUNDATION CENTER< we support through our event. We thank her for her gesture that goes straight into the line of conduct our event which is a charity event.

For those who have purchased extra with actress you will have an credit discount for the amount of your extra purchases with Sara Ramirez to use on each PHOTOSHOOT and AUTOGRAPHE or another actor (extra guest including) the day of event during issuance of your pass.

Those who are attending the event will get to meet other Grey’s Anatomy stars like Sarah Drew, Kelly McCreary, Jason George, Jerrika Hinton, Steven W. Bailey, Caterina Scorsone amoung others.