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Grease Dream Cast by E! Online

Grease is the word, have you heard?

We won’t deny that the first thing we did when we heard Fox was planning to air a Grease Live special in 2015 was to immediately start practicing our hand-jive.

But the second thing we did? We started compiling our picks for who should fill the iconic dancing shoes of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson from the hit 1978 film (based on the original 1971 musical, of course). Then we get carried away and started dream-casting the roles of Kenickie and Rizzo, which were memorably played by Jeff Conaway (who passed away in 2011) and Stockard Channing.

So which young stars would we like to see sing about “Summer Nights” come 2015?

To play Rizzo::

Tatiana Maslany: Any Orphan Black fan knows that Maslany can take on any role (or eight!) and we know she’d totally own this role.

Lorde: Can you imagine how awesome it would be if the “Royals” singer’s BFF Swift was the Sandy to her Rizzo?!

Kat Graham: the one word we’d used to describe The Vampire Diaries star? Fierce, which is exactly what Rizzo needs to be.

Sara Ramirez: Yes, the Grey’s Anatomy star has a seriously awesome set of pipes and can definitely pull off Rizzo’s sassy side.

Demi Lovato: After judging on The X Factor, guesting on Glee and acting as a mentor on American Idol, it’s obvious that Fox clearly has a favorite pop star.

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Sara talks Sandra Oh and Cristina

Sandra Oh is leaving Grey’s Anatomy after this season and her co-stars reflect on working with her.
Here is what Sara said:

Favorite memory: “I remember the first time I met her. She brought me into her trailer and talked for what felt like forever. I felt so lucky. I remember feeling really wide-eyed and bushy-tailed sitting there looking at her; she’s one of the reasons I first started watching Grey’s. I remember doing a scene with her in the OR where we’re supposed to start laughing together and we had so much fun with that and cracked each other up to the point where we couldn’t stop laughing. That, I will always remember. I really admire her and find her so inspiring in every way.”

How Cristina’s story should end: “Please, let’s not kill her.”

“Sandra Oh is a truly exceptional spirit and human being. It has been an honor to get to know her and work with her. Sandra has this way of making everyone around her shine. She authentically cares about others and wants others to shine. Grey’s Anatomy will be different without her presence.”

Most Badass TV Heroines

A celebration of the ladies who empower us from the small screen, both past and present. In no particular order.

Skærmbillede 2014-03-12 kl. 10.06.13

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Sara Ramirez talks writing to Patti LuPone, shows off her Janet Jackson dance moves


Callie Torres isn’t exactly having the best year on Grey’s Anatomy. She just barely escaped a potentially career-ending lawsuit, and now she’s desperately trying to put her marriage back together after her wife cheated on her. The good news is that actress Sara Ramirez isn’t letting Callie’s troubles keep her down.

When Ramirez stopped by EW to take the Pop Culture Personality Test, she was less focused on Callie’s tragedies, and more focused on remembering her junior high jam — New Kids on the Block! — and that R-rated movie that she saw too young. “I don’t even know if it was R-rated, but it’s called Orca,” Ramirez said. “It was back in the ’80s. My father took me to see this movie, and it was horrifying and scary. Honestly it may not even be R-rated, but it should have been. It was frightening and traumatizing and I didn’t really want to see Shamu after that.”

Watch Ramirez reveal more of her pop culture memories here.

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Starry Mag Interview

Q) What are the recent projects that you are working on?

A) “Grey’s Anatomy” is pretty much it! Especially recently, it’s been taking up quite a lot of my time and I’m very happy about it.

Q) It’s an incredible season on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Is it difficult to get into character with what is currently happening to Callie?

A) Well, as an actor (I know for me, personally), I’ve been lucky enough to play some really complex juicy roles in my life. Any time you get the opportunity to go really deep with some pretty complex, intense stuff it’s a joy to work on. It’s a challenge and a joy. I’m thrilled with the material I’ve been given. I’ve been given a lot of comedic stuff and some very intensely dramatic stuff. It’s a lot to get to sink your teeth into. So, as an actor, I am super grateful. I think when the work is really intense and you are having to tap into really dark, intense emotions I think the most challenging part is letting it go when you are done. I’m always so grateful when I go home because my life couldn’t be more different than Callie Torres’ life. That’s the saving grace in all of this, that my real life is the complete opposite of what Callie is going through. I couldn’t be happier for that. Thank God for that!

Q) How did you feel when you first learned about this coming Callie centered episode?

A) I thought, “How am I going to do this?” Because what also came with that is, “You’re in every scene except one.” So, I thought, “How am I going to do this?” But we did it! It happened! Like all of our episodes, it took ten day to shoot. With the help of our amazing A.D. and our director Jeannot Szwarc, the first week they were able to get me out a few hours early and the second week not as much. So, the second week of shooting was actually more challenging just in terms of how many hours I would be on set. I’ll tell you what, I already had a deep respect for my crew, but now I have an even deeper one. I have an even deeper respect for my crew now that I have actually experienced being there several days at a time from beginning to end for consecutive days. It’s definitely challenging, but it was so exciting and thrilling and an incredible opportunity. This episode was written by Stacy McKee who has been with the show since the pilot. The fact that she wrote this episode was really exciting for me and she was with us during the shooting of it. It was just a real gift. Honestly, I hate to sound so cliché, but it really was an incredible opportunity as an actor to get to do this. I feel an incredible sense of accomplishment having finished it. So, I’m really excited to see it. I haven’t seen it, myself. I am going to be watching with everyone else on Thursday night! I’m going to be seeing it for the first time with everyone else on Thursday!

Q) Is there anything you can tease that fans can expect to see in this special episode?

A) Callie is being sued for negligence. We can also expect to see some more information about Callie and Arizona’s relationship revealed through flashbacks. There is one piece of information that I found really surprising when I first read it out loud that I think will surprise a lot of people. And Hector Elizondo comes back as Callie’s father to reveal his own secret, his own surprising piece of information. I can also reveal that the doctors from Grey Sloane Memorial take turns showing up for Callie in the courthouse.

Q) With what is happening between Callie and Arizona at the moment, is there any light or hope you can share for fans of their relationship?

A) I am definitely not in a position to speak to that. I think that this is a question for the writers. I don’t know. I don’t know is my honest answer.

Q) This season Callie has more of a relationship with Derek and Meredith in the past where you have seemed simply colleagues. Do you enjoy the different dynamic between the characters?

A) Yeah! I think it’s kind of neat. Meredith and Derek have shown up to support Callie when they took her into their home. We’re going to see Callie and Derek continue to work together as well. So, it is interesting to see a potential connection between Meredith and Callie as friends. Certainly in the episode this week, Callie gets a very impactful piece of advice from Meredith.

Q) What do you think of the fact you’re working less this season with Jessica Capshaw? Is there anyone you wish you had more screen-time with?

A) I love the whole cast and it’s always an interesting transition when you go from working all the time with somebody to working with them less. We all love working with each other and it’s always fun to do something different. We’re sort of like pawns on the chess board where you just kind of get moved around. It’s great to work with everybody! I’ve been really lucky in that I’ve been able to work with a lot of folks on the show. I haven’t really gotten to work much with Jesse [Williams] this season and I haven’t gotten a ton to do with the interns. Although, I have gotten to work with Camilla [Luddington], who I love working with. She’s awesome! There are still a few people I haven’t worked with a whole lot. I love getting a chance to work with a lot of different people. It’s fun and it keeps things interesting. It’s just kind of the nature of the beast.

Q) Kevin McKidd recently directed an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Have you ever thought about directing?

A) I did for a hot minute and then I didn’t. I did and then I didn’t. Literally, over the course of twenty-four hours I was like, “Hmm, maybe I’ll direct. What is that about? That’s interesting.” Then, I had a bunch of different conversations with several different people about what it means to direct “Grey’s Anatomy” and just kind of entertained the idea for a little while there. Then, I realized I don’t want to direct. I am so blessed and I feel so lucky that it is almost eight years working on the show and that just blows my mind. I recognize how lucky I am as an actor to have a steady job and to have one that I love playing a character that I love playing. It really is the role of a lifetime for me. I’m thrilled that I am still getting to do it every day. I am super grateful. Whatever the storylines turn out to be I am just eternally grateful to Shonda [Rhimes] and the writers for keeping me around.

Q) Callie is such a rich character. Have you learned anything from playing her?

A) I’ve learned so much! How to persevere. How to be strong and vulnerable. It’s so intense what she is going through in this episode. She has really taught me the value of family and that family isn’t always defined in a cookie cutter way. Family can mean so many different things for different people. Callie being a character who is also a part of the LGBT community has also taught me so much bravery in the face of fear.

Q) If Callie had to choose between love and surgery, which do you think she’d pick?

A) Oh man, I don’t know. That’s a really great question. I don’t know! I want her to choose both. Why can’t she have it all? I want her to have it all and I think that’s another wonderful theme that runs through “Grey’s Anatomy” with all the female characters. Can we put family and career first? And the answer is for a lot of people, “no.” Some people the answer is “yes” and what that looks like for them looks different than how other people would do it. Some women can absolutely choose their career and family and juggle it the best they know how. Is anybody going to be perfect at it? No. I don’t think that’s the point. That’s another thing that Callie has taught me. The point is not to be perfect. The point is just to show up and to try. And really the point is to show effort. I think that’s more important than actually being perfect at something.

Q) What scene this season has been your favorite film?

A) Oh, that’s an impossible question to answer. There are just too many. And that’s cliché, but it is cliché for a reason. There are just too many!

Q) You are very down-to-Earth and so open. What is it that keeps you so humble?

A) I think it is the notion that it could all go away at any moment. I think that’s what keeps me humble, that it could all go away at any moment. Also, I have friends who are unemployed actors so I get to hear all the time how nuts it is out there. That also keeps me grounded.

Q) Is there a chance for you to return to Broadway in the near future?

A) It’s definitely something I would consider when “Grey’s Anatomy” is over for me. I don’t know when that is going to be. I think that’s really tough to fit that in during hiatus. I know some of my other colleagues on the show have squeezed in a theater production here and there during hiatus, but I really value my time off. And it goes by so fast. So, I haven’t been moved to try that myself, but you never know! If the right project came along and only required me to be there for six to eight weeks I’d be able to make it happen. So far, nothing has clicked yet.

Q) Can we expect some new music from you in the near future?

A) I don’t have any plans right now, but I’ve gotten A LOT of requests. So, it is definitely in the back of my mind. I’m the kind of person that does things when they feel right to me. It has to come about organically for me. So, if and when it feels right it will happen again. I’m sure it will happen again. I just don’t know when or where.

Q) You’re a part of social networking sites. Why is that such an important way for you to connect with your fans?

A) For a long time I wasn’t ready to form that kind of connection because I think social media is a very specific kind of connection. It’s a bit removed and it’s live. It’s in the moment. It can be spontaneous and I like that. It can be unpredictable. You can be traveling and still participate, which is really cool. The reason that I joined Twitter and Instagram was to connect with fans and sort of share work related information and information related to the kind of organizations that I support and the LGBT community. So, I think social media has been a great way for me to accomplish that. And with Instagram, it’s a great way to give people a visual of what you are experiencing and what you are learning. Maybe it’s just telling a joke and keeping it light by sharing with the fans what is going on backstage or what is going on off camera. All those kinds of ways of sharing and connecting I think make it fun and interesting for folks. And I’m having a blast! I’m having a lot of fun with it! So far, it’s been really really fun. I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s turned out to be a really, really fun element to this whole job.

Q) What would you like to say to everyone who is a fan and supporter of you and your work?

A) Thank you! Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for your belief in me. Thank you for investing in this character that I’ve been playing for almost eight years. Thank you for supporting my music. And thank you for continuing to get the word out that people from all walks of life deserve to be loved and deserve to have equal rights.


THR: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Sara Ramirez on Callie’s and Arizona’s Future: We’ll See Them Try Again

The actress talks with THR about the backstory that revealed a big piece of the couple’s recent struggles and previews what’s to come.

Grey's Anatomy 11/14 Episodic Sara Ramirez - H 2013

ABC/Danny Feld
“Grey’s Anatomy’s” Sara Ramirez and Hector Elizondo

On Thursday, Grey’s Anatomy flashes back to reveal a major piece of its Callie and Arizona backstory with an episode that focuses on an amputation lawsuit that threatens the former’s career.

During the hour, a snowboarder whose legs had to be amputated after a trial surgery went wrong shines the light on what really happened between Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) that led to the latter’s affair, which has since split them apart.

Following the deadly plane crash (RIP, Mark and Lexie), Arizona tells Callie she wants to have another child, only this time she’ll be the one to carry it. After finding a donor, Callie misses Arizona’s ultrasound — and they learn that Arizona lost the baby. It sends Arizona into a downward spiral where she has no choice but to feel her loss — of their unborn baby and her amputated leg — all over again and she begins to pull away from Callie.

It’s then that Callie learns — in present day — that her father, Carlos (Hector Elizondo), cheated on her mother, and the couple not only survived it but came out if it strong enough to have Callie. The confession and lawsuit victory prompt Callie to ask Arizona to consider returning home so the couple can give their relationship a second chance. Arizona closes the door and asks Leah (Tessa Ferrer) — clad only in a sheet — to get dressed and go home.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Ramirez to get the scoop on Calzona’s story and if there’s hope for the couple. Will Callie ever learn of Arizona’s fling with Leah?

What was your response when you found out Callie’s and Arizona’s backstory?

I thought it was a really interesting piece of information that they’ll be processing the rest of the season. It explains a lot and it deepened Arizona’s process and storyline because it explained more of where she was emotionally, mentally and physically when she met Lauren (Hilarie Burton).

Do you think that Arizona’s miscarriage is partially responsible for her cheating?

I think about it all the time, but it is very interesting. One would assume so, but I’m not sure.

They’ve been through so much darkness — Arizona’s amputation, Mark’s death, PTSD, the hospital bankruptcy. Given what we know now, does Arizona’s miscarriage at least partially justify her cheating?

Whoa! That’s a great question. I don’t know. I can’t wait to find out what the audience thinks. I don’t know because with Grey’s Anatomy, there can always be an episode that reveals more information than what you had previously. You just never know.

Callie has asked Arizona to consider coming home. Has the fact that her parents were able to overcome infidelity helped Callie to forgive Arizona?

Her father really had an impact on her when he brought up that story and described his journey of 38 years with Callie and that relationship, and being so grateful that because he stayed he was able to have that relationship with his daughter. Callie was thinking about Sofia, and that had an impact on Callie because she wants to create that for herself. We’ll see how it goes for her and how it unfolds. She really walks away with the idea that trying is the most important part of this process. It’s not about result — it’s about trying.

Arizona told Leah to get dressed and go home. Where do Callie and Arizona go from here? Is there hope for reconciliation?

We see them shift into trying mode. What do they need to work out? Do they both need to go to therapy individually and as a couple? What do we need to do here? In order to make it interesting and to be in line with what Grey’s Anatomy is — a medical drama — [showrunner] Shonda Rhimes will keep creating interesting situations for both of them. Happy endings can only happen when the show is over. For now, we’re going to watch them try and in that trying, maybe we’ll see each character process how they really feel and maybe they’ll think about [getting back together] and maybe they won’t.

How might Leah respond to losing Arizona, the first person to make her feel like she has someone at the hospital?

I’m glad we’re getting to know more about Leah. I don’t think we know much about her other than that she falls in love quickly with the people she hooks up with. She might continue that pattern. It’s possible that Leah will be carrying a lot of feelings around about what went down between her and Arizona.

Callie still doesn’t know about Arizona and Leah. What can you say about how Callie finds out about Arizona and Leah?

I wasn’t expecting to see it unfold this way. I don’t want to say what it is because it’s worth waiting to see. Emotionally, it’s everything you can imagine a person would feel finding something like that out.

So Callie will have some compassion for Arizona when she does find out about Leah?

Callie’s father really had an impact on her and that’s what carries over from the previous episode.

Your contract is up at the end of this season. Are you interested in returning?

Provided negotiations go smoothly, yes.

What did you think about Callie’s and Arizona’s big reveal? Do you think Arizona’s miscarriage makes her infidelity excusable? Hit the comments below with your thoughts.Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

FoxNews Latino: Sara Ramirez of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Dishes On The Challenge Of Producing An Episode All About Her


Sara Ramirez of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Dishes On The Challenge Of Producing An Episode All About Her

  • Sara Ramirez Greys.jpg

    GREY’S ANATOMY – “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” – When an unexpected malpractice suit turns Callie’s world upside down, her supportive father (Hector Elizondo) arrives and shares an interesting secret with her. Meanwhile, through flashbacks, we learn some surprising details about Callie and Arizona’s marriage, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Danny Feld)SARA RAMIREZ (© 2013 AMERICAN BROADCASTING COMPANIES, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.)

  • Sara Ramirez Hector Elizondo Greys.jpg

    GREY’S ANATOMY – “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” – When an unexpected malpractice suit turns Callie’s world upside down, her supportive father (Hector Elizondo) arrives and shares an interesting secret with her. Meanwhile, through flashbacks, we learn some surprising details about Callie and Arizona’s marriage, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Danny Feld)SARA RAMIREZ, HECTOR ELIZONDO (© 2013 AMERICAN BROADCASTING COMPANIES, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.)

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Sara Ramirez was asked to do something that very few actors in a TV ensemble cast ever do: Act in almost every single scene of an episode.

In the Thursday night episode of ABC’s hit show, the 38-year-old actress will be in all but one scene of the heavily emotional episode.

Titled, “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word,” the episode features Ramirez’s character Callie Torres, an orthopedic surgeon in Seattle, being sued for malpractice. Her professional and personal lives are thrown upside down and put to the test.

“When I found out this was going to happen, I thought ‘how am I going to do this’,” she told Fox News Latino on Wednesday. “And then you just do it. The crew does this every day – being there from the morning and to the end of the day.”

Ramirez, who was born in Mexico but grew up in San Diego, said that during the two weeks it took to film the episode, she really needed to listen to her body that was not used to working 12 to 4-hour days. She gave a lot of credit to director Jeannor Szwarc and her team for being flexible in giving her time to go home and rest.

“You have to maintain your stamina,” Ramirez said. “It can be very difficult to film a TV show because a lot of machinery moving. You just have to mindful, drinking a lot of water.”

She continued: “You go back to the basics to show up and do the work,” noting that there were days her body would need sleep, but other days she would workout during her lunch break. “You just really need to be in tune with your body.”

Ramirez, who won a Tony award for her portrayal of “Lady of the Lake” on Broadway, said working on the episode was a riveting experience and she is excited to see how it turned out.

“I have not seen it yet,” she said. “I will be seeing it live with everyone else.”

The episode provided an opportunity to film scenes in locations other than the usual set, such as in a courthouse.

Joining as a special guest is actor Hector Elizondo, known for his many roles in Garry Marshall films. He returns to “Grey’s.” playing Callie’s father, Carlos.

“Hector is such an awesome actor,” said Ramirez, gushing about her on-screen dad. “He brings so much humor and comedy to the set… We picked up right where we left off.”

The lawsuit is a continuous twist in the steadfast roller coaster  the cast and fans of the show have been riding for two seasons that has included a plane crash, buying a hospital – and in Callie’s case, an amputation, cheating and a separation with her on-screen love Arizona, played by actress Jessica Capshaw.

“These writers – they trust us with these storylines,” Ramirez said. “And it’s a fantastic opportunity to play the drama and the comedic tones. It stretches us as an actor to convince the audience of the storyline.”

When asked about what fans can expect about any reconciliation between her character and Capshaw’s character, Ramirez played coy, noting, “through the malpractice lawsuit you will learn things about her relationship with Arizona and she will make a decision based on that.”

Then she let out some laughter.

“That’s a good answer, right?”

When Ramirez isn’t playing a hardcore, rock star orthopedic surgeon on “Grey’s”, fans can catch her as Queen Miranda in the animated Disney show, “Sofia the First.”

Ramirez said the show had great impact on  her, noting it was full of compassion and integrity, giving an example to how young girls learn important life lessons.

“It’s really powerful to understand that these elements are important to have,” she said, adding, “These life lessons are universal. And they do it through music, which keeps it fun.”

Fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” will be able to interact with the show’s star on Twitter. Ramirez tweeted to more than 170,000 followers that she will be live-tweeting during the east coast and west coast airings of the show.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.


Source: FoxNews Latino

EW: Sara Ramirez previews Callie-centric ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: ‘She reaches the kind of breaking point we don’t expect’


Image Credit: Danny Feld/ABC

Grey’s Anatomy‘s resident orthopedic attending, Callie Torres, is no stranger to tragedy. Since first appearing on the show, she’s been married (twice), and cheated on (twice), not to mention that her ex-husband was then killed, and there was also that time she and her unborn daughter almost died in a car accident. And let’s not even get into the shooting or the plane crash aftermath. Rather, let’s skip ahead to the silver lining of all of her tragedies: They’ve made for some really entertaining television. It sounds horrible to say, but we aren’t the only ones who think so. “Somebody actually stopped me on the street the other day – no it was on set, she was visiting set – and said, ‘I have so enjoyed watching your tragedies through the years.’ It was like the strangest compliment I’ve ever gotten,” Ramirez said.

So what tragedy is Callie in for tonight? Surprisingly, her life won’t be the thing on the line. Her career, on the other hand, is the target of a malpractice suit. Yep, Grey’s is headed into the courtroom. “A lot of [this episode] is in the courtroom,” Ramirez said. “And we had an incredible director, Jeannot Szwarc, who has a lot of experience filming shows likeThe Practice, so he really got what that needs to look like, setting that kind of tone. It’s very different.”

Along with seeing Callie outside of the hospital, fans will also see a familiar face by her side when Hector Elizondo returns as Callie’s father. And unlike the last time he was in town, Ramirez says there won’t be a screaming match during his visit.

So rather than watch Callie yell at her father, we’ll be treated to some Calzona flashbacks that will give us some insight into their marriage, and it might not be what fans expect. “I was really surprised. There was one surprise in particular that I thought, ‘Okay, when you factor that in …” Ramirez said. “And the flashbacks take place after the amputation of her leg, and they take place before she meets Lauren.”

So between her crumbling marriage and her crumbling career, will Callie Torres finally hit her breaking point? “I think that she reaches the kind of breaking point we don’t expect. It’s interesting how she handles that,” Ramirez teased.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Sara Ramirez: The Lawsuit Will Rock Callie’s World

The actress talks with THR about Thursday’s Callie-focused episode and the return of Hector Elizondo.


Grey's Anatomy Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word - H 2013



Grey’s Anatomy’s” Sara Ramirez and Hector Elizondo


Callie (Sara Ramirez) is not having an easy go of it this season on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

Ahead of Thursday’s Callie-centric episode, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Ramirez to preview the hour and where things are heading for Calzona.After Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) cheated on Callie, the couple separated and are sharing custody of their daughter, Sofia. As if things couldn’t get worse for Callie, this week she faces a career-threatening malpractice lawsuit during which she’ll lean on her father, Carlos (Hector Elizondo), for support. And then there’s Arizona, who, while Callie has thrown herself into work in the wake of their separation, has started sleeping with Leah (Tessa Ferrer).

Callie is having a challenging year. Does it get better for her going forward?

I don’t know. I always wonder if they’re going to show Callie repeating her old patterns or if she’s going to break out of them and try something new. It’s hard to tell right now because in typical Callie fashion, she’s doing her best. She’s trying to be her best self and under these circumstances, I don’t know that she always succeeds. It’s quite the episode to shoot; I was in every scene except one. It’s a completely new experience for me.

This week, Callie’s father returns. After Arizona gave him that famous “Good man in a storm” speech, how will he respond to their separation?

He and I definitely bonded the first time we worked together and we pick up right where we left off. There’s a lovely connection there. He comes back with a surprise of his own. He doesn’t know anything about Callie’s and Arizona’s separation. He’s going to respond like an honest, loving father would.

Callie is facing a malpractice suit. How will that story tie into Callie’s personal journey this year?

It really rocks her world and confidence and self-esteem. It makes her question herself and that ultimately bleeds into everything else in her life.

How will Arizona support Callie during the lawsuit?

Arizona and Callie share custody of Sofia and because of this they have to maintain a relationship. So of course we’ll see them interact. Arizona is doing her best to be compassionate toward Callie.

Arizona seems to have moved on from Callie with Leah. How might Callie respond to finding that out?

She doesn’t find out about Leah [this week].

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. Check back to THR‘s The Live Feed for more coverage and hit the comments below with your thoughts on what’s ahead for Callie and Arizona.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

TV Guide: Could Callie’s Lawsuit Bring Her Closer to Arizona?

Callie has had a rough few years. Grey’s Anatomy‘s resident orthopedic surgeon lost the father of her child in a plane crash that also claimed her wife’s leg. And after spending months of helping Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) recover, her wife cheated on her. On Thursday’s Callie-centric episode (9/8c on ABC), the ever-resilient doctor will face yet another speed bump when a surgery goes awry.

“She worked on an Olympic snowboarder and uses a hip she’s never used before, so essentially it’s a surgery she’s never done before,” Sara Ramirez tells “She is being sued for negligence. It unfolds as a really complex and complicated situation.”

Fortunately, the doctors of Seattle Grace will be there to support Callie, as will her father Carlos Torres (Hector Elizondo), who won’t be too pleased about his daughter-in-law’s infidelity. “Something to look forward to is the dynamic between father and daughter and the love that exists between them regardless of the questioning he’s putting her through or the compassion he shows her,” Ramirez says. “Callie’s dad is coming back to reveal a surprise of his own.”

Even though Callie and Arizona have been on the outs, her estranged wife will be there to support her through the case. But viewers will also get a very enlightening look back at Callie and Arizona’s past. “This is a flashback that goes back to Season 9,” Ramirez teases. “We’re going to see some more information revealed about Callie and Arizona’s relationship via flashback and there’s going to be a surprise there. We’ll learn more and more about what occurred during that time. I can’t wait to hear how the audience reacts. I found it unexpected and I also found it interesting. The flashbacks will answer a lot of questions.”

Do you hope Callie and Arizona will get back together?

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Source: TV Guide