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Farewell – Statement

Hey everyone.

‘Sara Ramirez Fans’ has been running for 9 years now and I still remember the beginning like it was yesterday. It’s been an incredible ride and I’ve loved every minute of it. But as it is with all good things, it is time to make a farewell and say goodbye. My head is not in it anymore, and I don’t feel like I’m 100% invested in making sure to bring you guys the best fan site dedicated to Sara.

I’ll leave the site and gallery up for viewing, but won’t make updates to it anymore.

Thank you for all the love and support through the years. It truly means the world to me! ❤️

– Joan

Grey’s Anatomy news

Remember that you can read all the latest news about Grey’s Anatomy under ‘Grey’s News’ in the menu, or you can click right here.

Grey’s Anatomy News

Because this is a fansite dedicated to Sara and her work, I’ve decided to post general Grey’s Anatomy news in it’s own section, so that I can post news regarding others on Grey’s, without it popping up on the front page. You can find the section up in the menu under ‘Grey’s News’ or go here:

New year- New layout

First off, I wanna wish each and everyone of our visitors a fantastic new year!
May 2016 be a wonderful year for us all!

As you probably already can tell, a new year means a new layout for our site.
I always like putting new fresh layouts to the site and what better time to do so, as we turn the first page of the new year.
The gallery has also been updated, so it shares the same layout.
I hope you like it!


Site: World wide fan map (In the making)

I would like to know where everyone is from, so I’ve started a fan map, which I hope you guys will help fill out.
You can see the map here and if you go to ‘Additions‘ in the top left corner and choose ‘Add marker – Simple‘, you can add your own mark of where you are from.

Online Birthday Book

Sara’s 40th birthday is coming up later this month on August 31st.
I would like to collect your birthday wishes here on the site and you can therefore write a message to her as a comment to this post.


November 9th ‘Celebrity Site of the Day’

I’m so honoured that this site is Celebrity Site of the Day today!

The site first opened in 2009 and with a few breaks in between, we’ve always strived to be one of the best updated fansites dedicated to Sara and the support we’ve gotten from you, the fans, along the way, is nothing but amazing.

I’d like to take this time to thank each and everyone of you for stopping by and for the love and support you’ve shown the site and me personally. You guys are the reason why it’s fun to keep the site going!

Here’s too many more years!!


Brand new look on Main site and Gallery

I decided to give both the main site and the gallery a new look, so that it’s fresh and new and looks the same.
I’m still making changes and adjustments around both layouts, so bear with me if a page is not showing or something looks funny.

The layouts are made by the very talented Carol @ Sin21 Designs.

Sara is on Facebook

It took awhile for Sara to join the twitterverse, but when she finally did, the fans went crazy. Now a few days ago Sara announced via twitter that she had set up a Facebook page, so if you haven’t already see it and liked it, be sure to check it out:


The site: has also been updated. I’m not sure who runs it, but the newly created facebook page links to it, so I assume Sara is in on it.

Sara’s B-day Project

I’m sorry i haven’t posted about this sooner, but here we go.

I was contacted by Carolina on instagram (@HeyCoralina) about this and promised her to post it on the site.

Sara’s birthday is on August 31st and Carolina is asking you guys to:

1. Make a short video, no longer than 30 seconds, wishing Sara a happy birthday.
2. Send in the bloopers of the video as well, if you have any.
3. Send in another video where you say ‘We love you, Sara.’

Send the videos to, with your name, country and twitter/instagram username.

Deadline is August 25th (But Carolina can extend it to August 27th, if nessasary)