Grey’s Anatomy: Season 10 First Look


Callie and Arizona, who cheated with Dr. Boswell in the finale, will be forced to work together. In the second hour, Callie will make a bold decision regarding their relationship.

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Mega Buzz: Sara talks Callie

Did you get any Calzona scoop when you were on the Grey’s Anatomy set? — Janna
NATALIE: Callie will find comfort in what longtime fans would consider surprising places as she turns to fellow board members Meredith and Cristina. “They have more things in common than they used to, specifically Meredith and Callie, now they’re both mothers, so on that level, Meredith feels for Callie and what she’s going through,” Sara Ramirez says. “There is a moment where Callie confides in Meredith early on. Cristina and Meredith are two people that Callie is close to during this and interestingly enough, feels betrayed by one of them at one point.” Ruh-roh.

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Grey’s Anatomy: Season 10 premiere Promo

Grey’s is 3 weeks away and here’s the first promo for the 2 hour premiere episode.

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Grey’s Anatomy: Sara and Chandra interview with ET

Grey’s Anatomy: Season 9 Deleted scenes

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Grey’s Anatomy: Season 9 Bloopers

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The 8 Best Dressed Latina Stars of the Week!

Sara Ramirez
While attending the 2013 Summer TCA Tour, the Mexican American starlet looked absolutely beautiful wearing this short white dress featuring an artistic gray design. With the addition of some sparkly gray shoes, Ramirez was ready to steal the spotlight.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Sara Ramirez: Callie and Arizona Have a Lot of Work to Do

“Callie was under the impression things where getting better, and very quickly Arizona made a decision for her own reasons that has broken the trust between them,” the actress tells THR.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Sara Ramirez is carrying the weight of the LGBT community on her shoulders as lesbians across the country eagerly await the fate of one of TV’s most beloved same-sex couples.

During the ninth season finale of the ABC medical drama, Callie (Ramirez) discovered that her wife Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) cheated on her with Lauren (Hilarie Burton). It marks the second time that a spouse has betrayed her and came after Arizona reveals she had yet to forgive her wife for giving the OK to amputate her leg.

“Initially, we see Callie in a very reactive state and she’s very open about what she’s feeling,” Ramirez tells The Hollywood Reporter of the season 10 premiere, which picks up immediately where the finale left off. “She’s not taking it well; she’s enraged, she’s broken-hearted, she’s devastated.”

For Callie, Ramirez notes, the heartbreaking truth comes after she spent months tending to Arizona and just as all signs pointed to the couple getting their romantic groove back.

“All signs were pointing to everything getting better; Arizona was starting to initiate physical intimacy, so I think Callie was under the impression things were getting better, and very quickly Arizona made a decision for her own reasons that has broken the trust between them,” Ramirez explains, questioning whether there might be something that came up before the plane crash that was unresolved between the pair. “Callie and Arizona have a lot of work to do, but they have to get past the first initial reactive acting out-type stuff that people typically go through.”

Stuck in the middle is Callie and Arizona’s daughter, Sofia, who Ramirez says will further complicate the couple’s season 10 journey. “It all gets messy and complicated,” she notes.

Arizona, meanwhile, will do her best to try and engage Callie in any way, shape or form in the two-hour season premiere that finds the docs of Grey Sloan Memorial dealing with the outpouring of patients from the super storm.

“I think everybody wants to be hopeful,” Ramirez says of Callie and Arizona’s future as a couple. “Everybody is invested and engaged and curious to see what happens.”

While it’s too soon to know what trajectory Callie and Arizona will follow this season, there is one thing that Ramirez hopes to see on Grey’s at some point.

“Shonda’s passionate about reflecting back to the audience about the world that we live in,” Ramirez says of whether there could be another wedding now that the Supreme Court has paved the way for same-sex unions. “Whether she’s going to do that with Callie and Arizona I don’t know, or through other characters maybe. But I’ve heard her talk about how great it would be to seize marriage equality and a [legalized] marriage occur. That would be amazing. So much is changing and so quickly. We’re living in a really great time.”

(Worth noting: When Callie and Arizona tied the knot on Grey’s Anatomy, gay marriage was not yet legal in Washington, where the series is set.)

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Grey’s Anatomy’s Sara Ramirez: Callie/Arizona Are ‘Back to Step 1′ After ‘Devastating’ Showdown

For Grey’s Anatomy’s Callie and Arizona, last season marked 23 steps forward and then one huge step back.

Yes, the forever-tested twosome gradually found their footing after Callie ignored Arizona’s wishes and amputated one of her wife’s legs in the wake of the plane crash. But then in the season finale, everything the couple built came crashing down when Arizona’s impetuous indiscretion with Dr. Lauren Boswell was outed.

“It was just devastating. Heartbreaking,” Sara Ramirez recalls of the gut-punch Callie sustained. “I mean, it’s everything you don’t want to have happen, for anyone.” (Revisit Arizona’s outburst scene, then read on.)

Adding insult to emotional injury: For Callie, this was the second time someone she was wed to cheated on her. (Thanks, George! Oh, and R.I.P.) As such, series creator Shonda Rhimes says, “Callie has got some stuff to deal with” — as does her Mrs. “Arizona’s not necessarily holding a grudge because Callie cut off her leg; that’s not really what it’s about,” Rhimes teases. “She got over [that] and sort of moved on, but never dealt with any of the underlying issues. There has to be something else going on there.”


While you mull that mystery, here’s what we do know: As Season 10 opens (with a two-hour premiere airing Sept. 26), barely any time has passed since the events of the superstorm-soaked finale, and the doctors of Grey+Sloan Memorial are now receiving the casualties of a resultant mudslide. And that’s on top of the assorted emotional storms still brewing indoors.

“Callie’s reeling from hearing that her wife is still very, very angry and hurt,” Ramirez shares. “So essentially they regress back to Step 1, to where they started in Season 9. It’s like, ‘Ugh, we’re back at the beginning,’ so there is a lot of work that needs to be done.”

But while these two doctors can work miracles reassembling bone or repairing tiny humans, Ramirez is uncertain if they have what it takes to recuperate from this double whammy of infidelity and resurfaced resentment.

“We’re going to see in the first few episodes Callie being reactive and acting out, dealing with her own feelings about what’s happening,” Ramirez says. And she won’t necessarily leave this volatile matter behind closed on-call room doors.

“Callie doesn’t hide it from the hospital, how she’s feeling,” Ramirez reveals with a small chuckle. “No, she lets it be known!”

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