Pictures: Loserville premiere in New York

Another premiere for the movie ‘Loserville’ – This time in New York.

Sara’s little sister Carla also shared a picture.

You can pre-order the movie here and see the trailer here.

Pictures: Loserville Premiere Event

The movie ‘Loserville’ that Sara is a producer of, premiered at the ArcLight Hollywood last night.

Instagram: Performing #IAM with Maya Jupiter (video)

Sara on Instagram: ‘Performing #IAM w/ @mayajupiter #Quetzal & #Tona @daylaborernetwork Peace & Unity Festival!’

Performing #IAM w/ @mayajupiter #Quetzal & #Tona @daylaborernetwork Peace & Unity Festival!

En video slået op af Sara Ramirez (@therealsararamirez) den

Video: ‘Rollercoaster’ performance ad TED Talks

Sara, along with Michael Pemberton, the writer and producer of the song, performed ‘Rollercoaster’ at the TED Talks.

Thanx to calliope torres on YouTube for the video.

Video: Dedication to Ole Kittleson

Sara: ‘My dedication at San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts memorial celebrating #OleKittleson & the legacy he leaves behind through all the lives he touched.’

Movie: Loserville – Release Dates

Sara’s 1st feature film as a producer, ‘Loserville’, is in theaters on september 30th and will be released to DigitalHD and OnDemand on october 4th.

Happy Birthday Sara!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Bloopers

Source: Camilla L News

Short hair, don’t care. Sara donates her long locks

Whelp, this just happened! Welcome #Change #LetItGo Donating to #LocksOfLove

Et billede slået op af Sara Ramirez (@therealsararamirez) den

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